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Everlast SuperCut 40 Plasma Cutter

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Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • High Frequency arc starting.
  • Cuts virtually any type of metal with ease.
  • Simple to use torches with inexpensive service parts and consumables.
  • High duty cycle @ 60 % of rated amperage capacity.
  • Exceptionally clean, smooth cuts.
  • Adjustable Post Flow (power plasma only) control up to 60 seconds to improve consumable and torch life.
  • Front air pressure adjustment makes adjusting pressure easy and painless. ( PowerPlasma only)
  • Front air pressure gauge allows quick verification of air pressure.
  • Over Current and Air Pressure light indicators keep you updated on your units operating condition.

Standard Equipment

  • Torch
  • Consumable starter kit
  • Water trap/filter
  • Air pressure gauge

Recommended Metals

  • Virtually all types of metal


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