Everlast MTS 400 Welder | 1 & 3 Phase 1

Everlast MTS 400 Welder | 1 & 3 Phase

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Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy Duty CC/CV Inverter Power Source reduces the amount of units needed in a shop or on a worksite to handle large jobs.
  • 5 individual settings for Mig, Flux Core, DC Tig, Stick and Carbon Arc Gouging.
  • Everlast’s largest industrial welder to date, part of the new Heavy Industrial lineup, performs well against competitor’s product such as the Miller XMT® and Lincoln Invertec® CC/CV.
  • Boards and sensitive electronics are either coated or potted to resist moisture, dirt and shock.
  • High Duty cycle performance at maximum amps improves production.
  • Adjustable MIG arc force/inductance control precisely manages the arc characteristics to produce the best possible weld
  • Lift Start TIG features quick starts without problems associated with High Frequency.
  • 2T/4T torch trigger/latch function offers stepped control welding with MIG with crater fill amps and volts to finish off a perfect weld.
  • The MTS 400 is capable of powering the M 600 wire feeder (included) up to 175 feet away so only the wire feeder needs to be carried into position.
  • The M 600 wire feeder adjusts both volts and wire feed speed directly on the feeder without having to return to the power source to change settings.
  • The M600 wire feeder includes an inching button and a heavy duty gear driven wire feed mechanism with 4 drive rolls to power feed large diameter wire.
  • Hot Start and excellent arc force control makes burning pipeline rods such as 6010 5P easy.
  • Scratch Start DC TIG offers the same precise, smooth arc that Everlast inverters are known for.
  • A special optimized setting makes Carbon Arc gouging easy. (recommended for use only with 480 V 3 phase only for best results).

Standard Equipment

  • 17 V (gas valve) Series TIG torch features common, easy to find consumables
  • Features Heavy Duty NORTH MIG gun
  • Stick electrode holder with cable
  • Work clamp with cable
  • Rolling Cart that integrates both wire feeder and power source with room for gas cylinder

Recommended Metals

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel


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